RestOrganic is a family run business, passionate about bringing you healthier, environmentally conscious bedding products. We know you care about how your products are made, just as much as what they're made of. So let us bring you the best of both world's with our ultra-comfy pillows. 

Our organic pillows come from the island nation of Sri Lanka, which is home to a very special kind of tree - the hevea brasiliensis. When tapped, It produces natural latex which can be collected and moulded into nature friendly products. 

A very small portion of these trees are grown in a certified organic manner - without pesticides or chemical fertilisers. The organic latex collected from these trees is not only skin friendly but also biodegrades quickly and can be composted - producing zero waste. When organic latex is used to manufacture products in an environmentally conscious way (following mandatory social and environmental regulations) those products become GOLS certified - just like our pillows. These amazing trees also soak up tons of carbon dioxide, making the whole production process carbon neutral. So join us in our journey to bring you more thoughtful sleep products and help support ethical manufacturing and a cleaner future!