Certified, Organic Natural Latex Pillows

Sink Into Comfy, 100% Natural Latex Pillows

Our eco-friendly latex pillows are made from the natural, sustainable sap of organic rubber trees. Free from toxic foams and harmful chemicals. Our pillows are ultra-comfy and kinder to the planet.

Certified organic and biodegradable

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Toxin Free
Certified organic and tested for harmful chemicals
Make Your Next Pillow a Natural One

Made With You and the Planet in Mind

Our mission is simple - to bring you human and planet-friendly pillows. Our natural latex pillows are completely organic, free of nasties and have little to no environmental impact.

100% Natural Latex Pillows

Organic, High-Quality Pillows for Better Sleep

Our pillows are made with just two ingredients: natural latex (from organically grown rubber trees in Sri Lanka) and a GOTS-certified cotton cover.

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

Experience the Benefits of Our Organic Latex Pillows

Made from the sap of organically grown rubber trees, our pillows are free from toxic foams and harmful chemicals.

The natural latex in all of our pillows conforms to your head and neck for personalised support, reducing pressure points and promoting proper spinal alignment. Latex is also naturally hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant and antimicrobial, making it an ideal choice for those with allergies or asthma.

Upgrade your sleep experience and make a positive impact on the environment with our organic latex pillows.

Zero Waste

We know you care about waste, and so do we - our pillows are biodegradable and even compostable - and so is our packaging.

Zero Carbon

The rubber trees that help make our pillows aren't harmed during harvest and help offset the CO2 released in the production process.

Zero Toxins

Say goodbye to synthetic foams, fibres and fillers. There's nothing but natural materials in our range of thoughtfully made pillows.

These superb pillows tick all the boxes. They are supremely comfortable, made of quality environmentally friendly materials and are beautifully packaged and presented. The Rest Organic team are friendly and helpful. And, the delivery arrived so quickly!
— Fiona D
I bought this for my nearly 8 year old son who is a restless sleeper and has allergies. He usually starts sneezing and has a runny nose once he lays down at night, however there has been none of that with this pillow. It is the perfect balance of height and firmness and he said it is so comfortable and he loves it.
— Natalie B
Me and my daughter both love our pillows. They’re soft to the touch and support you in every position.
— Holly G,
The pillow is excellent. I had a higher latex pillow but recently decided I would be more comfortable with the lower pillow. These pillows are very comfortable, hold their shape and support perfectly. So good to know the latex is ethical and the business is family owned and run. Thank you, Liana
— Liana P
Having slept on a memory foam pillow for the last 14 years, the transition so far has been more than satisfactory. I am hoping for an amelioration in my allergy symptoms over the next few weeks particularly as I am considering also purchasing a latex mattress in the near future. I am thrilled that my new pillow originates from a tree that is grown regeneratively.
— Mike R

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